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Trauma Recovery CIC is a not for profit making service which combines the skills and experience of three experts within the community of dealing with sexual, domestic and relational trauma and the long term effects that those experiences bring. It is a multidisciplinary trauma service providing a safe and confidential space where people in the community can go and get the help that they need.

‚ÄčIf, in the case that the Trauma Recovery CIC team do not have the appropriate skills or expertise to deal with a certain issue or situation; we have links and connections with many other services and will act as an advocate throughout the process to get the right help to the person in need.

We work with anyone who has directly or indirectly experienced sexual, domestic or relational trauma including their support networks (vicarious trauma); providing counselling and peer support therapy. We work collaboratively with and take referrals from SARC, Beacon, Emerald Centre, OPCC, NHS England, Recover and we can also refer our clients to these if appropriate to do so.